Jan 31, 2017

Penghargaan Tesis II

Thanks to God for let me complete this writing. Thanks for the oxygen, the good food, for the nutrients, for this soul and everything. Again and again and again, without Him, I will never survive.

Thanks to my project supervisor, Encik Wan Zamani. He put so much afford for this final year project, helping all of his students in any way he can. From nothing to something. Thanks to Encik Zainuddin who also supervised our class. Thanks also to all other lecturers involved. Everyone is helping.

Thanks to all the ‘Avengers a.k.a. Pembalas Dendam’, Jack Laloque, Wak Idzul, Wan Safwan, Cham Hisham, Ijad Fikri, Shrek Hasif, Afiq Asnor, Ed Nabawi, Acap Zakaria, Rezza Zubir, Din Fakhrudin, Ash Thai Pop, Faris CSGO, Bon Apetit and Syahmim Shahperi. To ‘Team Suwik’, Siti Najihah Roslan. Mira, Adda, Effy, Suzy, Nad, Along, Ezzah, and Qila. Thanks also to good old friends who are helping me in many ways, Ayob Wahid, Johnny Nepp, Abe, Saudagar Garam, Fauzi Ahmat, Shahril Saripin, Misuari Sarangat, Ahpeng Mohamad, Rayhan Ahmad, Bue Hasnol, Tok Rimau, Seakan Bintang, Husen Stone, Rezza Koyokie, Jebat, Syafiq Lajjis, Ijad, Ashwin, Bob, Naim Mansor, Aliuddin, Soki, Pehe, Larry, Syafiq, Naz, Padil, Nur Atyrah, Pejal, Azizi, Paiz, Kemal Pontian, M. Z. Lucidius the III, Fatimah Azwiah, Rushdiah Rusly Jurgen Klopp, Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin Systrom, Spotify owner, Jacksepticeye, Pewdiepie, Andrew Price, Brandon Flowers Brian Molko, Peter Doherty, Carl Barat, Joey Ramone, Tria Changcuters and many names that also involved in making this project happened. They are all awesome and kick ass because they are the revolution. Also to JLQ 5718 that help us throughout the project.

Last, thank to my beloved family. Thanks for the love, for the prayer, for the smile, and for everything. Thanks for raising me up until now. I love you, mama and ayah. I have tried to be better person and I still try until this day.

And we all will keep making history!

p/s: gua dah habis belajar ni.. siapa yang itu hari nak bagi job. baik bagi sekarang. dan kali ni kena tulis bahasa inggeris.. macam syaitan jugek cara olahan bahasa inggeris gua ni..
Ni iklan datang dari mana ni? Cis!
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